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Popular Online Courses

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us



XIIM Certification

Get Certificate of Course Completion from Xcel Institute of Internet Marketing to boost up your resume.

Google Adwords & Analytics Certification

We help students get certified in upto 11 types of Google Adwords & Analytics programs!

Hubspot Certification

Hubspot Inbound Certification holds a lot of importance in the Digital Marketing arena – get ready to claim it as well!

Bing Ads, Technical SEO and PPC Certification

There is a lot of demand for paid traffic and organic SEO campaigns and that’s why we will help you get certified in Bing Ads, PPC and even Technical SEO.

Semrush Certification

We also help our students to get certified from Semrush, one of the most renowned SEO companies in the world.

Youtube Certification

With video marketing on the rise, you are going to be a certified professional in 5 extremely beneficial Youtube assessments.

About us

About us

We, at XIIM, give deep meaning to every aspect of the digital world. We are a trusted Digital Marketing Academy that has shaped and moulded the lives of hundreds of students globally.

We conduct our Digital Marketing training program under the mentorship of a professional team with expertise in digital marketing, which gives you a wholesome view on all of the current concepts.

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What we do

What we do

We are a leading digital marketing academy that provides an in-depth study of digital marketing for Corporate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students.

After taking our course be assured to get certifications from the best of the industry. You will get Google, Bing, Semrush, Youtube and other certifications to add creditability to your resume.

We at XIIM are tied up with many prestigious organizations and companies across the globe. We offer placement support to all our students and guide each one to stand on their own feet.

Our training panel consists of professionals with deep experience in the digital marketing field. We bring industry leaders, marketing professionals, heads of marketing institutions, and many more on the teaching panel as guest lecturers.

Who Should Take This Course

Who Should Take This Course

Marketing Professionals

You will need to master the technique for the online digital world, and this is where we groom you to take on and excel in this area.


If you learn to handle your own marketing digitally, it will be a boost to your business as you will be in the best position to lead the marketing front.

Other Professionals

If you understand the needs and wants of the digital era, it will benefit you in any field that you work in.

Students & Freshers

If you have just finished your studies and are looking to make a career in marketing, we suggest you come and take up the digital marketing course with us. We will equip you to enter the world of jobs where everyone looks to hire the best.

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Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

XIIM is founded by Mr. Sreejan Guha Niyogi – globally acclaimed as one of the leading SEO analysts and affiliate marketers of this decade. His course DragonBite SEO changed lives for many students from India and abroad.  

Mr. Sreejan’s team has built over 5000 private blog networks in 2018 alone and has helped clients generate an estimated revenue of over $20,00,000. Many of his students are earning over $1000/mo and have even launched their own agencies.


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SEO Overview


Digital Marketing Overview


Affiliate Marketing


Online Advertising

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E-Commerce Marketing


Google Adsense


Google Adwords

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Email Marketing


Web Planning & Creation


Social Media Marketing


Google Analytics






College Student

“Sreejan Sir is extremely good when it comes to concepts of digital marketing. He will guide you very well with live case scenarios and campaigns. I joined XIIM Advanced Program as the curriculum covers all the latest technologies and provides the major certifications. When I started out, I was a bit scared but the courses are designed so perfectly that you will go from a totally newbie to an expert level in no time. I highly recommend XIIM courses.”


S. Sadique

SEO Marketer & Expert

“ XIIM provides definitely one of the best digital marketing courses that have come out in the past 1-2 years. Mr. Sreejan Niyogi is extremely knowledgable and has world of practical knowledge. The thing I loved best is that no matter which field you belong to, this course will be helpful as it teaches from a very basic level. Newbies and experienced marketers – all will get immense knowledge from XIIM. Highly recommended. ”


Sanjib Saha

Crypto Currency Investor

“ Sreejan Niyogi is one of the most famous SEO marketers in the international arena. XIIM is a very trusted digital marketing institution and I understood why people claim this to be a life changer. Lots of golden nuggets, methods and tricks are mentioned in great details which will make you an expert in digital marketing. If you are looking for jobs in this field, then you must join XIIM. I absolutely loved the content of the XIIM course and will recommend it to everyone who is serious about their career.”


M. Roy

Fashion Blogger

“ Digital Marketing is one of the most important segments for any business. Sreejan Niyogi is a very reputed marketer world wide and he has structured the courses beautifully. Their support team world wide is superb as well! XIIM courses are going to provide you incredible value and show you exactly how the marketing experts work. Dont hesitate even one bit to team up with Mr. Sreejan – you are going to be a winner. ”


Mark Midgley


“ Sreejan built an amazing (and huge) Amazon Site for me. I have been doing SEO for a long time now and I can totally vouch for his knowledge. My Amazon site is earning around $15k/mo and this is the only 1 project I am involved in right now. I will sell this site for over $200K when the time comes. All thanks to Sreejan who  is unbelievably good. The methods taught inside work like a charm and are very cool! (sorry if I sound like a nerd). I once again would like to thank Sreejan and his team members who reached out to me and responded to 100s of my questions, requests and suggestions. The site would not have been so big without the constant support. The competition was quiet high but the course was enough for me to go past the competition”


Madison Warley

Newbie Marketer

“ I got 3 sites from Sreejan’s service and sold one of them inside 30 days after doing a bit of SEO. I sold it at exactly $6500 and am in the process of selling the other 2 as well. The sites are brilliant and if you are into flipping, you can flip them ‘as it is’ for easily 5X the cost price. I would rate Sreejan as one of the best marketers around in the international arena. “


Kumar Masant


“ I want to tell everyone that what Sreejan provides is far better than what many provide in complete personal trainings. I am in the gaming niche of a very popular game and today its ranking on top. There were lots of problems in my site (over optimization, duplication, poor content and what not) but Sreejan helped me solve one problem after another.

The course is an immensely powerful package and gettng this was one of the best decisions I took! I am so proud that I followed it and got results!

Our Prospective Employers

Our Prospective Employers

Mobile Marketing Modules Added

Mobile Marketing Modules Added

With the recent data showing that mobile users have comprehensively outnumbered desktop users, we have introduced advanced modules in Mobile Web Marketing. Now you do not have to worry about missing out on any digital marketing sectors.